First Time Buyers

Are you…

Anxious to get your first property before prices rise even further? Fed up paying someone else’s mortgage? (your landlord’s!) Keen to use your hard-earned savings as a deposit towards your own home?

With properties in short supply you may find that you’re competing with others to acquire your first place. We’ll minimise the stress involved for you, at least when it comes to having your mortgage sorted…

  • We’ll consider best options and approach the banks on your behalf
  • Presenting your ‘business case’ in the most positive light
  • Ensuring you get genuine mortgage approval as early and seamlessly as possible
  • Giving you certainty and confidence when you bid for properties within your budget

There’s a certain amount of financial information needed before the banks can approve your mortgage but we’ll try to make that process as easy as possible for you. 

For an indication of the size of the mortgage that you might be offered, please provide us with the following outline information:

Employment Type
Your Employment: *
Your Partner's Employment:
Gross Earnings PA
Rent/Savings Monthly
Loan Repayments Monthly
Clean Credit History
Your Contact Information

It feels good to have reached the finishing point and we are ecstatic that we are finally the proud owners of a home!
— A+M, IT Professionals, Co. Dublin