Why you need Shelbourne Financial on your side.

In a world where personal financial issues have become increasingly and often unnecessarily complex, an experienced advisor can help you figure out what is true and what isn’t, what works, what matters, what is useful, and what can go wrong. There are few enough people with the expertise sufficient to begin to do that for themselves. Nobody can do it objectively. That’s why good advisors are an absolute necessity. We have set out below some of the benefits of investing with Shelbourne Financial, once your objectives and attitudes to risk have been agreed.


1. Our Investment Service Costs You Nothing

Unlike fee based Brokers, our income comes directly from the Financial Provider(s) that we have mutually agreed with our clients to engage with. Due to the competitive agreements we have in place with all the major Investment companies, our clients will achieve a net cost basis that is equal to or in many cases below what is available directly, whilst also securing our ongoing advice and monitoring service.

However, we can provide a competitive fee based service if clients prefer to engage us in that manner.

2. Goal Setting Guidance

In our experience, individual investors have a great deal of trouble establishing appropriate, realistic and manageable goals. Often they don’t even know what they should be concerned with or what they should include as part of a list outlining what they want or need to accomplish. Shelbourne Financial will assist you in this process.

3. Impartial & Prudent Asset Allocation

Allocating funds among various investment vehicles and asset classes is at the heart of what we do. Asset classes exhibit different market dynamics and correlations. Thus the allocation of money among asset classes and among investment vehicles within asset classes will have an enormous effect on the performance of an investment portfolio. As a truly impartial advisor we are not “tied” to any particular provider or in-house products.

4. Investment Policy Statement

An IPS should state one’s investment philosophy, goals, guidelines and constraints to be adhered to with respect to money management. It also instils structure and discipline. Every investor should have one but only a competent advisor is likely to be able to make sure the IPS created does what it is supposed to do.

5.Tax Efficiency

Experienced money managers routinely argue that you shouldn’t “let the tax tail wag the investment dog.” And it’s true that a poor investment isn’t often salvaged by good tax treatment. But tax efficiency is still very important and Shelbourne Financial can recommend the best approaches available for each client.

6.Churn Security

Churning is basically buying and selling investments for the sole purpose of generating commissions. Commissions, especially by stockbrokers, can take a big bite out of your investment performance and in turn your wealth. Shelbourne Financial ensures that all the providers that we have engaged are truly working on your best interest and not their firms.

7.Age Protection.

Research confirms what most of us have seen among our families and friends. The ability to make effective financial decisions declines with age. Thus global studies have shown those age 60 and up unnecessarily lose over €2 billion to fraud annually. To put it starkly, research shows that financial literacy declines by about 2% each year after age 60. Despite that decline, our self-confidence in our financial abilities remains undiminished as we age. That’s a scary combination that Shelbourne Financial can guard against.

8.Clear Reporting

Rather than trying to overwhelm you with unnecessary information, we provide you with an understandable and concise view of your investment performance through our website and our regular statements.