Supporting Employers - Engaging with People!

We're all about engaging with people around their finances in a way that they really understand, we call it ‘Personal Finance – made personal ‘! We support our larger corporate clients by providing workplace personal finance education and wellness for employees.

Our corporate clients tell us that investing in a broad-based wellness programme for employees makes sense. It reduces stress, improves workplace effectiveness, and crucially adds to the bottom line!

Separately, as a distinct offering for individuals and SME business owners we also provide impartial, unbiased financial advice based on their personal circumstances. We’re regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland to do so. In addition we also help our clients to prepare their Tax Returns and to maximise their position going forward.  

Our clients benefit, and take reassurance, from our ‘joined up’ thinking and nuanced insights because we’re qualified, regulated and experienced as financial advisors, tax practitioners, accountants and financial wellness experts.    

Recent studies indicate that over 60% of the workforce feel financially stressed – that’s more than stress from relationships, health and work, combined

what is Financial Wellness? 

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Our definition of financial wellness is not merely the avoidance of financial hardship, it’s much more positive than that! We like to define financial wellness separately for employers and for employees.

For employers, financial wellness is an integrated programme designed to improve employees’ financial behaviour and outcomes while also driving business impact.

For employees, financial wellness is holistic and defined by health, not wealth. Employees enjoy a greater understanding of their major financial milestones, they’re empowered to make optimal financial decisions and have the support they need to achieve their money goals.

What We Can Do:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Provide Education
  • Give Support
  • Change Behaviour
If we don’t know where we’re going it makes no difference how fast we travel

Independent Financial Advice For Individuals 

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We work with people to help them to manage their financial resources and to attain their personal financial goals in life.

Whilst the starting point of our discussions will always be the clients' 'financials' ( their income/expenses/assets etc.), we put even greater store into building relationships with people and learning their personal, 'softer' issues (their values around money, lifestyle, financial priorities etc.).

What We Can Do:

  • Provide Advice
  • Assist With Planning
  • Execute Strategies
  • Help Clients Reach Financial Goals

Our Aims

Shelbourne Financial aim to become a leading provider of workplace financial wellness services to the corporate market. We believe that there is a growing awareness amongst employers that providing broad-based wellness and support (of which financial wellness would be an integral part) is good for employees and good for employers, improving productivity and the bottom line.

As a separate and distinct service offering we aim to provide independent financial advice of a strategic, yet practical, nature to personal clients and SME owners on their needs and wants in the investment, savings, retirement and protection area.



Our Principals

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Brendan Bartley, Managing Director

Brendan leads our team of Qualified Financial Advisors and has a wealth of relevant experience. He specialises in personal financial planning and taxation and has advised many of Ireland’s top executives in plc and MNC companies, as well as successful professionals and SME business owners. He is a thought leader and a recognised innovator the financial wellness space. 

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James McGoldrick, Investment Director

James is an experienced investment advisor with over 25 years of wealth management experience. He has held senior positions in some of the largest and most respected Irish investment firms including Davy Stockbrokers and Merrion Capital. With proven expertise and extensive contacts within the financial community, James can recommend and manage an independently tailored investment solution for our customers. 

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Terry Abbott, Finance Director

Terry is a qualified accountant and advises personal and corporate clients (domestic and international) in the areas of personal and corporate taxes, strategic commercial structuring, company formation and business assurance. He has developed an extensive business network and provides advice and compliance support to a diverse range of business sectors.


Our Support Team

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Emma kelly, Customer Support & Relationship Manager

Emma joined Shelbourne in 2018. Emma is responsible for client relations to ensure that all client queries are dealt with in a timely matter. We pride ourselves on our client relations and for prompt responses to all our clients.


Shelbourne Financial 

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