Why Shelbourne Financial?

Your property is probably the biggest investment decision you’ll make so best to make sure that you’ve got someone fighting in your corner for you, here’s how we help…

1. We work for you – not a bank!

Unlike bank branch staff, we’re free to recommend all the best from all the banks who work with impartial advisors.

2. That gives you access to all the best offers, always

Because we’re free to choose, we can offer you best value offers and incentives to suit your circumstances, such as…

  • Lowest fixed rates
  • Lowest variable rates
  • Cash back when you start your loan
  • Repayment holidays – to suit your budget
  • Cash back on monthly repayments
  • Payments for legal fees
  • Payments for valuation fees
  • Reduced insurance costs – mortgage protection and household

Above subject to availability & Ts & Cs

3. But we won’t be billing you!

You’ll have enough on your plate with your mortgage costs so we won’t be issuing unwelcome fees – all the banks in the market want new, good customers, they’ll pay us directly for such introductions.

4. Reduced hassle

Getting a mortgage can be stressful for some - providing financial information - making important decisions but we’re committed to making it as hassle free as possible – representing you in the best possible light with all the lenders.

5. Speedy responses

When you give us the relevant initial information, we’ll come back quickly with our indications on how much the banks will offer you, likely repayments per month, savings by switching mortgages etc. Once agreed, we can then move on quickly arranging on your behalf.

6. No two mortgage applications are the same

We know this from experience so we’ll be familiar with the specific criteria that will be relevant to you as a borrower in the following specialist categories…

  • Mortgage Switchers
  • First Time Borrowers
  • Buy To Let Investors
  • Fixed Term Contract Workers
  • Employees paid in sterling

“Thank you very much for your timely response every time we had a query. We appreciate your guidance and advice on everything”
— M + N, Multinational Employees, Dublin 16