Switcher Mortgages

Not interested in the hassle of up-ing & moving all over again? Concerned about the shortage of suitable alternative (& affordable) homes anyway? Don’t move your home – move your lender! Cheaper rates can save tens of thousands in many cases. We can quickly identify if we can achieve cost savings for you and the good news is that many of the standard Central Bank rules may not even apply tricky second time round.  

Works best where:

  • The value or equity of your home has risen recently
  • Prevailing interest rates are cheaper than yours
  • You’re free to switch without significant penalties*

*Recent EU rules mean that banks should be charging lower penalties than before

Interested in exploring how much you might save?

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“Thank you very much for your timely response every time we had a query. We appreciate your guidance and advice on everything. We hope to work with you in the near future on the rest of our finances”
— M + N, Multinational Employees, Dublin 16