Individuals differ- so advice should be bespoke in nature

Independent Financial Advice

There's a saying… 'if we don’t know where we’re going it makes no difference how fast we travel’! Many of us feel too busy in life to plan in advance for things, even important things.

When it comes to our money, having a financial step-plan can help us to manage the inevitable ebb and flow of our income and our expenses as they arise in life.


We work with people to help them to manage their financial resources and to attain their personal financial goals in life.

Whilst the starting point of our discussions will always be the clients' 'financials' ( their income/expenses/assets etc.), we put even greater store into building relationships with people and learning their personal, 'softer' issues (their values around money, lifestyle, financial priorities etc.).

This consultative approach improves two-way understanding and clarity around personalised client objectives.


Personalised Advice

Our philosophy is ‘new client, new recommendation’, but we adopt a consistent approach to all our work. We'll consider your financial affairs in a broad context, aimed at comprehensive, ‘joined-up’ solutions for you. Our phased approach that we adopt to Independent Financial Advice can be summarised as follows…

Build Rapport: Engage with people to properly understand their objectives
Establish Facts: Build an accurate financial 'snapshot' for clients
Analyse Data Identify their capacity to save, or otherwise!
Make Recommendations: Suggestions based on goals and resources
Implement Plans: Execute agreed strategies towards financial improvement
Review: Monitor Periodically, account for change, stay on track

Helping clients to attain their financial goals

True Independent Financial Advice is a professional, interactive process and should not be focused on product sales. Sound advice should focus on the broad spectrum of a client’s holistic financial affairs, acting as their trusted advisor. These matters tend to be inter-connected and we help our clients with the following concerns…

  • Spending their wealth now - or leaving it for their survivors
  • Paying for their children’s education
  • Replacing income when out of work with a long-term illness
  • Succession planning against death of directors or partners
  • Advising on their tax affairs
  • Protection against their untimely death
  • Household budgeting- making take-home pay go further
  • Funding for the care of aging parents
  • Reducing tax on earnings, building income for retirement
  • Investing their hard earned cash – suitably!

“it’s great to hear that you’re qualified to consider the totality of our finances - so far we’ve found many others to be conflicted, pushing their own agenda, little regard for the overall picture’’
— G+S, SME Business owners, Dublin 14
“Thank you sincerely for your consistency in following up on the issue. I am more than happy to recommend your services to fellow colleagues”
— T.D., Healthcare Manager, D.7

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