Employers that support financial wellness do so to improve the overall workplace. A good financial wellness programme improves loyalty and morale and smooths exits or retirements from work.

Why Financial Wellness? Why Now?

Recent studies indicate that over 60% of the workforce feel financially stressed – that’s more than stress from relationships, health and work, combined. This is no surprise, employees are confronted with more and more financial decisions and the stress reduces employee productivity and wellness.

With Defined Contribution pension models, employees bear the investment risk. Employees who invest their money ‘safely’ are disappointed with very low returns. Even the 'high earners' can find themselves living paycheque to paycheque (due to high levels of personal debt) or dependent upon the continued employment of both partners. Where employees seek to address these concerns, they’re often intimidated and confused by the rules around tax, pensions, private savings etc. Who do they turn to for help?

We devise and deliver financial wellness programmes in agreement with the needs of employers and in alignment with their overall HR policy. We'll use our experience and our knowledge of prevailing best practice to deliver a bespoke solution for your workplace.


Traditionally, financial education and support has tended to focus on pensions alone, which often means employees don’t engage until the last moment. This is not ideal.

Financial fitness is a key part of mental fitness and financial education and is an integral part of any broad-based health & wellness programme offered by employers. Our financial wellness programmes don’t merely help employees achieve their financial goals, they also examine an employee’s negative overall reaction to financial stress & anxiety. Our programmes will complement other physical, behavioural and emotional wellness programmes that you may already provide.

Our Services:


The first step in any financial wellness programme is awareness.

Here we’d help you to raise awareness and appreciation around the total reward package you already provide to your employees. However, this is just the beginning. Our job is to reinforce the relevance of financial wellness for employees and demonstrating how financial wellness practices can help to make their take-home pay go further, regardless of their age, status or income group.

Employee awareness on its own does not simply translate into improving employee behaviours…so the next step is to engage employees with a powerful financial education programme.


Our approach to employee financial education is that it needs to be thought provoking & motivational, but as comprehensible (yet comprehensive) as possible. Financial education is a connected process, not just an event!

Depending on company size, we generally suggest financial wellness programmes along the following lines:

  • Demographics (e.g. age, seniority within the organisation etc.), and
  • Life events & milestones (e.g., 1st home, marriage, family, exiting or retiring from work etc.)

There is no “one size fits all” approach to financial wellness but all effective programs will embrace lifelong financial planning. Our education can take the following formats…

Seminars, workshops, webinars

Our financial seminars, workshops and webinars are all engaging. Attendees will feel comfortable, and no matter what the topic, it will be jargon free & enjoyable. Most importantly, everyone will leave inspired, with a list of action points aimed at improving their financial lives.

We have a wide range of topics, here are a small selection:

  • Change the way you think about money
  • Investing for retirement made easy
  • Personal Tax Boot Camp
  • Personal Finance Training for Targeted Groups

In addition to seminars etc. we can provide specific, focused training to your employees such as …

  • New Hire Orientations Groups;
  • “Noonan news”…. Budget / Tax Updates; Support
  • The path to retirement;
  • Exiting via a right-sizing programme;


One to one financial support for your employees

In support of the financial education of employees, employers increasingly arrange for their employees to have the opportunity to meet us face-to-face so that we can support them.

Annual Financial Wellness Clinic

This is an on-site annual financial wellness clinic (a financial health ‘check-up’ for employees). These clinics allow your employees to ask us about relevant matters for them, or perhaps they’re just not sure where to start! Our help will be impartial and independent, aiming for long-term trust, which is essential. Family involvement can aid behavioural change, so we recommend that partners attend.

Employee tax returns

Many clients offer their staff personal tax return preparation as part of the financial wellness programme. Our dedicated Tax team don’t just ensure employees’ tax compliance (which is important) but we also ensure that your employees are maximising their tax reliefs and credits etc. This will be part of the discussions with our tax specialists who will arrange a seamless gathering of tax information with minimal hassle to your employees.

Executive financial planning

Shelbourne Financial’s Executive Financial Planning (EFP) service is designed for Directors and Senior Executives in order to deliver truly independent but strategic, coordinated financial advice in a planned and time efficient manner.

We know that senior people often struggle to find the time and expertise required to organise their own finances, leading to disorganised financial plans. We have great experience at prioritising objectives with senior executives and agreeing on strategy via a personalised financial plan which takes into account employment income and personal wealth.


The holy grail of financial wellness…

As employees begin changing their understanding and their thinking, we immediately try to help them to start to change their behaviour. Each financial wellness programme encourages participants to take action. We know, that unless we can help employees improve their financial behaviour, their financial health will not improve, long-term, and the same financial concerns and worries will recur.

Sustainable behavioural change is always the biggest challenge in any health & wellness programmes as employees need both the ability and the motivation to effectively achieve behavioural change. We believe that our role as financial wellness provider is to create the touch points on a continuous basis to ensure that long term behavioural change is not just likely, but probable.

We have some experience of what works and what does not. The lessons that we have learnt so far include:

  • We know that personalised goal setting works best.

  • We use personalised financial health scores, so that we can report and target improvements on an individual basis.

  • We use insights from behavioural finance to help employees meet their financial goals through simple, incremental steps.

  • We know that communication is key - we provide targeted, simple, clear and actionable communication to engage employees.

  • Our communication will provide the necessary tools, resources and advice that will allow employees to move to action.

  • We issue an annual corporate report on the programme metrics, analytics of employee engagement and behavioural change.

Our definition of financial wellness is not merely the avoidance of financial hardship, it’s much more positive than that!

We like to define financial wellness separately for employers and for employees:

For employers, financial wellness is an integrated programme designed to improve employees’ financial behaviour and outcomes while also driving business impact.

For employees, financial wellness is holistic and defined by health, not wealth. Employees enjoy a greater understanding of their major financial milestones, they’re empowered to make optimal financial decisions and have the support they need to achieve their money goals.

At Shelbourne Financial our commitment to your employees is financial education and support...without the sales pitch

Impartial Expert Provider – Independent Trusted Advisor

Employee financial wellness can never be truly achieved unless employees receive independent and impartial advice. Employers have a crucial role to ensure that the company’s financial wellness providers can be relied upon as being non predatory in their approach to financial matters and always acting in the best interest of the employee.

Shelbourne Financial is a leading provider of workplace financial wellness services to the corporate market. We are passionate about engaging with employees around their finances in a way that they really understand. Our clients benefit from our ‘joined up’ thinking and nuanced insights because of our expertise in financial planning, health & wellness, taxation and financial advisory.

Employers need to ensure that their financial wellness provider delivers an enduring, positive experience for employees (and, by association the employer itself). Employers face risks if they appoint vendors who have a conflict of interest, i.e. if they are motivated, measured and or rewarded by; commissions & fees, additional 'funds under management', or costly consultancy fees.